Meeting Ladyboys, where to start searching?

Meeting Ladyboys

Ok, let’s get to business. We are here for meeting ladyboys. Why all of a sudden? Surely, first you had some kind of interest. Later on, you decided that ladyboys look pretty and interesting. And all those videos at the Internet show us that they are nice people, sexy and amazing to meet. But where to start knowing them? Sure is really easy meeting ladyboys?

Actually, is not. Even that it can look as normal as finding a couple, usually meeting ladyboys depends so much on where you live. Is not the same being in Thailand or Philippines than in France, México or Spain. Why? Because, in some countries, is not accepted the same way as in others.

On the other side, there’s the idea of how to start a conversation or even a relationship with a transgender. But, even that can sound difficult, is not. They are just normal girls, like the other girls on the world. Being born as a man is not important about feelings. They feel as women, act as women and do as women.

So, first of all, forget about everything and treat them as you want to be treated. Ladyboys are usually sweet and friendly, apart from funny.


Meeting ladyboys online


Of course, we have some help to find ladyboys. The Internet gave us a new door, so now we only need to find transgender women close to where we live.

Our website Ladyboy Dating offers, for limited time, a fully-free service. All our profiles are real and men, women and ladyboy are just a click away.

We only ask you to be nice and polite. Wether you are a man, a woman or a ladyboy. This is not a porn site or a place to look for sexual content, but to find love, friends or someone you can connect with. Meeting ladyboys were never this easy! So why you don’t start checking it out?

9 thoughts on “Meeting Ladyboys, where to start searching?”

  1. Dear friends
    Its really nice that someone atlast is giving the chance to men who like shemales and ladyboys to get in touch with them.
    we are all humans doesnt muter in wich gender we belong and we all have to love,treat and respect others.

    1. Hi Demetris,

      Thank you for your comment! We really believe that meet a ladyboy is not easy for everyone the first time.

      This is the reason to create this ladyboy blog advising and giving some tips to you guys. I do understand some guys go right away into the sex thing with ladyboys, but this is not the best approach if you want to meet a ladyboy.

      The main advise would be: in your first approach when you date a Thai ladyboy or Filipino ladyboy is to meet a ladyboy in the same way you would meet a girl. Suggest her to hang out have a drink or a nice dinner. This would make you a more interesting guy whilst meeting a ladyboy.

      Good luck!

  2. I am 44 and been out with an amazing girl 4 times and we have gone for dinner and drinks and had a great time and on our last date she held my hand but thats it.

    I still have yet to get a kiss at least.She is amazing but i am wondering if i should move on and start dating other girls or just relax and see what happens.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Well, if it makes you feel good, definitely you should try go ahead.

      Think she might be thinking the same as you do, so it is your choice to give the first step or let her to do it.

      Dating ladyboy is not that easy for many men, so I believe she would appreciate this step.

      However as I said many times and other bloggers in this ladyboy blog also did, treat a ladyboy as a girl. Do the same things you would do if you dated a woman, then everything will turn smooth.

  3. Hello,

    I want to bear witness that it was extremely difficult to meet Ladyboys. And too little websites allow Ladyboys dating. For example, I researched brazilian ladyboys (also called bonecas) dating websites wtih any results. I hope so that this kind of websites can exist soon as possible like for Thai, Filipino, Malaysian ladyboys.

    1. is open to every countries and nationalities. We have more members from South Asia as the word ladyboy is applied in this region to define a transgender.

      Said this, I would like to explain you that we do not “have” the “members”. The users come to the website and open the profile by themsleves.

      It would be very interesting to have members from South America and of course from Brazil Colombia, Mexico… Where we know there are a lot of beautiful and sexy transgender, but we can’t open profile for them, they must open by themselves. We hope to have very soon more members from South America at

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