Thai ladyboy: Meet my first transgender.

DSC_8398It was decided, I had in mind to meet a Thai ladyboy. So when I had to go to Thailand for a business trip I had just one thing on my mind: discover this Thai secret. So I checked the transgender services websites and I called one of them.

I have seen in internet they are also called shemales. Funny paradoxal way to say it, She+Male. In some countries they are called ladyboys. In Thailand, kathoey, trasngenderas it is in its local language. In the porn context it is used also tranny or trannies.

Why so many names to describe a person who was born as man but feels herself as a woman?

Well, this comes probably from the sex and porn industry and the natural curiosity of the human being to know and explore new things, new worlds, new people…

Thai ladyboy, the real deal

It was Christmas time (what a shame!) my flatmates left to their hometown and I was alone in my apartment. I knew I was being alone as many of my neighbors went back also out of town. It was perfect to try my first transgender experience. I was scared in some way about what the people could think about me. I called a transgender prostitute. Afraid of bringing home a prostitute even in Thailand? Yes, it was the first time for me. Afraid of that person was a transgender, common named shemale? Of course. As everything new, it has a part of dream, a part of adventure and why not, some of fear.

The bell at the door rang. I open it and a beautiful and tall girl with a very sexy dress appeared staring to my eyes. I told her to come inside.

- Is it your first time? Yes.

- What do you like to do? (Oh my God! Never did such a thing!) Well, I really don’t know…

This first time was really embarrassing. What to do whilst I am with a ladyboy? Kiss her? Am I kissing the lips of a guy?. Touch her body? Really soft skin, but the ladyboy muscles are more tender than when I touched a girl. Am I really doing this!?

This was my first time and not the last. A lot of questions came to my mind before setting up the appointment, during the “date” and the worst was when she left. The question I made myself several times is: Am I gay?

Well, after some years I am really convinced I am not gay. I like girls and I love girls. I can have sex with girls without any kind of “handicap”.

I am sure I don’t like guys. Never been attracted for a guy and let’s say that the idea to touch the body of a guy with sexual intentions doesn’t give me any kind of mental pleasure.

This doesn’t mean that other men do girls, guys, ladyboys… What is sure is that out of sex services, most of Thai ladyboy don’t do girls.

So what is on with ladyboys? I believe many guys ask themselves that question. What makes that some men are attracted to ladyboys, in this case, a Thai ladyboy?

One of my closer friends, who was strongly on transgenders and he was dating a Thai ladyboy for some months, told me once: A Thai ladyboy has four things that a common girl doesn’t.
Thai ladyboys are friendly.

Ladyboys usually understand guys more than girls do. Friendship comes easily along with a transgender. A ladyboy can be your partner, but also your mate! And talking about Thailand, saying that Thai ladyboys are friendly is a real fact.

Usually, transgenders are tall, if you have a problem with someone, they are able to help you in the “battle field”.

Ladyboys use to like video games. They do like Playstation, so you can play with them as you could do with your peeps!.

Impossible to neglect the fact that on bed, a transgender knows what to do and what you might like rather than a girl.

So what to do in your first time dating a ladyboy? You can do as I did some years ago. Go to the ladyboy websites and make your call.

Other people do advisor services as these guys do, offering a ladyboy advisor services concerning Thai ladyboys and they are based in Bangkok. We have heard about their holiday packages and it seems they are great. You can contact them if you have any question concerning your dreamed Thai ladyboy.


Meeting Thai Ladyboys Online

But nowadays, most of the people go through ladyboy dating websites. Online dating today is the most common way to date Thai ladyboys. Trans couples dating sites allow to people from both sex to know each other in a first time by internet and try to set up an appointment through messaging phone services or in the best case, meet after some time you are knowing each other.

If you are lucky and you currently are or live in Thailand, the thing becomes amazing easy. Once you contact and talk with your potential Thai ladyboy date, it is possible to meet her after a few hours. Proximity eases dating, that’s a fact.

Even some ladyboy dating web give you the possibility to chat online with the members of the website in chat rooms (it is needed just to create a profile in 2 minutes first). Concerning this dating chat feature, is the only free Thai ladyboy dating website in the net.

Thai ladyboy IM chatWhat is fancy is that in, we are also able to chat one on one with their Instant Messenger (IM).

It would be interesting to talk about how to deal and meet Thai ladyboys working in entertainment places as Nana, Sukhumvit, Soi Cowboy or located places in Phuket and Pattaya, but this would be a subject to get deeper inside in a future post.


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