Bad Ladyboy or Good Ladyboy?

Transgender date Yes, you found her! The stunning picture made you stare at her profile with your shining eyes. She is your dream ladyboy and you need to know her, but……is she really what you are searching in a ladyboy? I am not going to judge anyone in this post for being a bad guy or a bad ladyboy. Those are relative concepts and everyone knows what is he/she looking for in a relationship and what he wants to show in a dating website. Moreover, everyone have heard to someone I am a bad guy or I am a bad ladyboy. No shame.

What is the percentage of guys looking for sex with ladyboy and what is the quote reserved for guys looking for relationship with a transgender? Oh boy! So many bad guys out there. It is commonly said by ladyboys that it is impossible to find true love in internet. False!. I have heard also from guys that internet is full of bad ladyboy scammers. Is this true?. Again it is not true at 100%. You, ladyboy or guy, just need to be careful with the people you get in touch.Bad ladyboy? Let’s come back to that stunning ladyboy in the picture. If having a look to her profile you see more pictures with that sexy bitchy pose, and let’s say, short in clothes, what is sure is that this ladyboy is trying to catch sex admirers. But, oh God! what an awesome ladyboy!. if you are not looking just for sex, I am sorry my friend, she is not your match.

So… How to identify bad ladyboy or good ladyboy profiles?

You keep thinking, is she a hooker or does she just please and catch admirers?. It is a very normal attitude in ladyboys to over act and show a ladyboy is more girl than a girl.

Men searching for a transgender date shouldn’t be serious concerning this, until certain point. Some websites allow their members to post nudity photos shared in private, let’s say between friends, followers or upon request. If you find a profile with these private photos, you might think you have in front of your eyes a “brochure ladyboy”, a ladyboy that is there just to catch you and you probably end paying for meeting her.

This is the most clear fact that would allow you to identify what it is also called among ladyboys: a bad ladyboy. A version among man is very common as well, even more. Guys tend to post photos of their penis in every possible angle that their arms allow to take a penisfie. Dating sites are full of hot guys showing their genitals,

And all ladyboys know that.

As far as you base your profile in the sex, do not expect to get a ladyboy date more valuable than a penis shot. She doesn't look a bad ladyboyThis works in the classic way: you get what you give. In this case, the catch, works in an inverse way, you get yourself in a searching sex ladyboy brochure, and you will be just another piece of meat to be processed in the butchery by, normally, a bad ladyboy.

Probably a lot of bar ladyboys will shoot messages having a profile like this. Of course anything is black or white, but what is mentioned above gets real in internet dating sites in a high percentage.

She looks cute

And she has a nice profile, well dressed, lets say classy sexy ladyboy, probably polite too, but no graduate and no job. If in addition she uses to be online at late hours for her local time, you got the cash cow! you have here the one who will ask straight forward for a sex fare. Which sometimes is better as everything is clear and you can decide by yourself if going ahead or not. You should appreciate this kind of honest ladyboys as most of the times you need to wonder what will happen after meet, but not with these ones.

The fact she is online at late time, no degrees or no job, doesn’t mean she is a bad ladyboy. The world and Asia are full of good and honest people and honest ladyboys and this is something to really appreciate in girl dating sites or transgender dating sites. This is common to both. You got into a ladyboy profile where the pictures are mostly taking by webcam? Start a chat with her. it will take a few minutes to have your conversation turned to a sex chat and less time to get her Skype account or her link for a ladyboy show webcam.

transgender couple
Us Weekly Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

If you are searching for a long term relationship transgender couple, the main idea would be to do not think that Asian ladyboys are different than any other girl or transgender in the world. This is my main advise. When you date someone, think what would happen if your partner would be in your country, what would be his/her behavior.

Acting like this, the possibility to find a reliable webdating match will be very high. And for a ladyboy, good guys? bad guys?. If you really want to build a relationship, when you start chatting on Whatsapp, Line, Kik… Ask them for a date outside. If he is shy, you can try to go for a movie, the darkness of the cinema will break the ice. If a guy is just looking for fast sex, he will always ask to visit him at his place. If he is not going out with you, it means either he doesn’t dare to run the risk to be seen by other people with a transgender, either he wants to satisfy his ladyboy addiction and have some ladyboy fun. This is clearly your choice.

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  1. i dont care if ur good or bad because people should love u for who are shit im bad as hell and im good im different i let anybody know just ask me i keep it real i love ladyboys there beautiful. inside and out

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