Date a Ladyboy, Ready for the First Step?

How to Date a Ladyboy

Some of our friends ask this question often. How to date a ladyboy? Using these words, it looks like it could be something weird. That is not, for sure. Never forget that transgender are self-realised people and know what they want in life. Surely, they’ll know what they want as well!

First of all, treat them as a woman and not less that the way you want to be treated. Don’t expect anything different or weird and be nice all the time.

Some people think that ladyboys are different. Forget about playing with them. The first thing onto date a ladyboy is to be respectful and not to think that they are easy.

Precisely, these days one of our readers at the Facebook of Ladyboy Dating was talking about that. She asked to other men to treat ladyboys as women with real feelings. That’s the start point.

Different than dating a ladyboy, would be where to meet her. That’s why we created the website Ladyboy Dating, that is free to use for limited time and where you can meet transgender all over the world.


Date a ladyboy for real


At Ladyboy Dating, we have a must. We only allow real profiles. There are no fake ladyboys around to make you loose time. As there are no fake men to attract more ladyboys.

We take time to accept every profile and to check if they are real. Men, women and ladyboys are real and it’ll continue to be this way.

kathoeySo, if you wanna date a ladyboy, why don’t you give it a shot? For sure you’ll be pleased with all that we can offer you.

Last but not the least, our website is not made for sexual content. If you’re looking for some nasty stuff, better move to another place. We just want to introduce people that are looking for friendship, love or to share their time. Date a ladyboy, or look for a partner.

8 thoughts on “Date a Ladyboy, Ready for the First Step?”

  1. I am very interested in meeting a Ladyboy.
    My first. I have pleased a man before but interested in weakness of TS/TV/TG.

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