Dating Transgender Women Today

Let’s face it. Dating for transgenders has never been better in terms of acceptance but there’s still a lot of room for improving. In some South Eastern countries such Thailand or the Philippines trans people in general are perceived naturally, generally speaking and in particular in the big cities they are integrated in society and can live fulfilling lives. But there is still a lot of work to do and we can see it in many aspects of the trans people’s daily routines.

What’s wrong with dating sites for ladyboys?

Dating sites have become a part of millions of people’s lives, but how inclusive are they? We receive many messages of ladyboys and men interested in ladyboys sharing their experiences with other dating apps and all of them seem to have a similar issue with them. They feel excluded; Trans girls feel rejected and even disrespected at times and it’s very challenging for them to find users who are truly searching for a healthy serious relationship or even just a friendship. For men interested in transgender woman it’s not easier. The number of trans girls using these apps is tiny and in many cases they would never find what they are looking for in them. How about other dating apps specifically made for transgenders? Yep, they exist, but if you used them in the past, most of them are just places where sex services are offered regularly and non appropriate behaviour is allowed. We say no to that. is the first dating website where we advocate for equality and a respectful open-minded attitude towards every single one of our users. That is the spirit that has kept us going for ten years now and that is what over fifteen thousand people worldwide who are using love about us! What can you expect when you open an account in

  • No prostitution, sex related services or nudity offered. Be sexy but keep it classy 😉
  • Human verification of all pictures uploaded to the profiles of all users.
  • No fake profiles.
  • Fully featured chats with your matches and a smooth-seamless user experience
  • We respect your privacy 100%
  • Customer support that you can contact any time in the email

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