Do I Really Want to Date a Ladyboy or Am I Just Curious About It?

Meeting new interesting people is always exciting and inspiring and sometimes it can be life changing, especially when you meet someone that understands you or clicks with us beyond a superficial relationship. This seems to be even more true when it comes to dating Ladyboys, men who date ladyboys know how much fun it can be to have a transexual woman friend or lover!

But why do you feel attracted by ladyboys?

The first time they recognize this feeling of being attracted to a transexual woman, some guys try to get rid of it. Like any other natural inclination, trying to do so only results in intensifying the desire for knowing more about trans girls, interacting with them and maybe even developing this curiosity into something else.

One thing is true and it’s important to understand it. It’s not a temporary infatuation, accept it as a natural part of your personal journey to find happiness and feeling comfortable in your own skin! We know it’s not always easy to think out of the box and separate from what others consider normal but luckily this type of narrow minded-judgemental thinking is a lot less common every day! Besides, who cares what others think? No, really who cares!?

So why not just trying?

Exactly. You feel like you are somehow attracted to trans girls? is the perfect starting point and if you are wondering, is this just a phase? Well, then just go through it and live it at its fullest because that is what life is about, stop wasting your time worrying about what society has to say. “Fear is the only darkness” as they sayFeeling curious or loving someone even if this love doesn’t fall into what a part of society has categorised as “acceptable” is never wrong… Quite the opposite in fact. Some people are afraid to live a free-loving life and they are frustrated to a point where everyone has to feel miserable just like they do. Besides, how can it be healthy or smart to ignore or deny your own feelings? You think you can lie to yourself? Think again dear reader.

Many transgenders starts their love journey through the ladyboy dating Pattaya or Ladyboy dating Bangkok scene. Why is this? Well, it is very well known that Bangkok and Pattaya are crowded cities and therefore, where more foreigners and ladyboys live in Thailand.

What makes ladyboys so attractive?

Like anyone else, transgender woman have weaknesses and strengths but all of them have something in common that make them irresistible. They are courageous and smart like nobody else. Why? The vast majority of transexual women have been through extreme difficulties since a very early age and this normally builds a fearless and determined personality that makes them irresistible. A trans woman is a strong woman who has learnt to love herself above what part of society, but also sometimes their families and friends think of their decision of living their life as women borned in the body of a man. Accept yourself and arise above your fears and limitations. Be happy, you deserve it!

So you’ve decided to get to know some new ladyboy friends.

Fantastic! The best place is, a dating site where thousands of transgender women are looking for friendhip or more. A respectful space where every respectful-kind hearted soul has a place to meet their perfect match. It’s free, easy to use and takes less than a minute to create a profile. Don’t wait!

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