Are You Looking for Ladyboys?

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Searching Ladyboys? What is the reason for looking for ladyboys? Well, the story that I am going to tell all of you guys is about the
real answer that i want to hear from men who are looking for ladyboys in ladyboy websites!

Nowadays, maybe some men have changed their sex preferences? They don’t look for ladies as usual and the are more into meeting ladyboys. So what are these guys looking for? Are ladyboys what they are looking for?

Of course, that is the answer! But what do those men want from a ladyboy and why do they need to create a member profile and use the ladyboy agencies or sites? I really don’t know about the answers that you guys can give to us transgender. In the particular case of boys turned into ladies, after some experiences, I think that I have finally known and found the reasons by myself. I also ask myself questions and some of my men friends already replied them to me: Are men looking to have a new experience of sex with ladyboys? Are they looking for love with transgender? And the most important question: Are they serious in the ladyboy experience?

I am a Kind of Pretty Ladyboy Who,

as most of the people, is seeking to love and to be loved. I am someone who have used websites for meeting ladyboys online to pursuit my dream. Whilst using ladyboy dating websites, a lot of men sent me many messages, but if you see my mailbox, what did they really sent to me? It would be amazing if you can guess what kind of things many of them wrote to me!

Ladyboy Philippines

Some guys are really nice and have beautiful words and it is possible to have an interesting conversation. What is amazing about ladyboy messaging on the Internet and probably also in other dating websites is the amazing amount of mails kind copy-paste with rude language or even pictures with sexual content. I know a few ladyboy websites are serious and care about the content, but somehow mailing content is out of their control unless other members notice the administrators concerning offensive mails. Why these guys need to go straight to the sex thing hiding behind a nickname? Do they go in their real life in the street, at office, in a club that straight and show their sexual attributes to other girls? Maybe a few, but the answer is that most of people don’t do that!

Experiences in Dating with guys looking for ladyboys

However, I dated some men from dating sites and I think they might be my dreamed soulmate at that time but all my dates failed! Thai LadyboySome of these dates/relationships have been a pain, some brought me happiness but they were relationships without any destination, some guys have been just a good friend, some men have been just liars and some asked to be loved without give love.

I have many questions to ask and want to know the truth about what are the real thoughts from all my dream guys who currently are or have been online in ladyboy dating sites. I guess that for now, those question will keep being in my head without answer.


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4 thoughts on “Are You Looking for Ladyboys?”

  1. As a person nobody is perfect but everyone wants some one in their life to share all the feeling and some respect so I am ready to go one step ahead to have a ladyboy friend who is honest. It is not the look but a real heart to love and care for.
    With love

  2. Im interested. Relationship. With ladyboy on this site and possible. More like marriage. That what im seeking. For real for im kind caring loving kind of man with kind loving heart

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