Transexual Dating, Is it a Risk?

Transexual rights

Last April, the European Union Court of Justice (EUCJ) made an historic declaration giving a step back in the human rights and seriously hitting the transgender and transexual rights.

The EU Court of Justice declared that banning men who have had sex with men from blood donation, may be justified, depending on the situation in the country.

This is a clear violation of the human rights and it is directly again LGBT rights.

The case came to the court from France, studying the case of Mr. Geoffrey Léger, a French national who was banned from blood donation.

What it is annoying concerning this law, is that the EU Court is ruling about sexual orientation instead about sexual behavior. It is clear that hetero couples having several sexual relations are a risk group as well, but they are not banned since they are heterosexual.

Transexual dating shouln’t be a matter to be worried if it is done with the right people at the right place.

Transexual Dating Sex

It is very common to think that having sex with transgenders is a risk. The fact is that the risk is not in the “target sexual orientation” but in our sexual or attitude and behavior or in other kind of habits.

Trans sex behaviorIf we want to have accurate information about this matter, it would be better to visit the Red Cross website. All information is provided from an objective point of view. Moreover, the risk list is done by professionals working in several countries since many years.

Admitting that a huge portion of transgender population are involved in sex business, the risk is in there, the sex business promiscuity. Said this, we can clearly understand that men having sex with transgenders are in a risk group if their sexual habits are not stable at all. We can say the same for the case of transgenders dating and having sex with men having several sexual partners.

This is a risk that it is also present in heterosexual couples. It is not linked to sexual orientation.

Transexual and Transexual lovers Sex Habits

When you know someone from a transexual dating site, you just start flirting, which is normal, but at a point of the chat or after meeting some times, you would be able to determine if your partner belongs to a risk group for sexual diseases.

Sex habits in each country are different. It is sad to say, but not every countries have the same kind of sexual education. Institutions are not working in the same way in a Muslim country than in a Baltic one. Institutions in Latin countries are also quite conservative whilst people are not. transexual no disease

There is a gap between what the society wants and what the real society does, and there it is where our governments should take actions.

As it is commonly said, when you are into transexual dating, just take the same precautions as you would do in the heterosexual game. Do not neglect any of the sex safe methods.

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