Why Are Transgender Better Than Women?


I thought it to be a good theme to bring up here as well and look forward to reading people’s comments.

I will start by sharing my response to the question. (Note: Although the subject did not include female to male transgendered people you will see some of the sharing below can be applied to them as well.)

Great subject yet I would suggest it is not about who is better. Every person is unique. I will say that in general I appreciate all styles, flavors, cultures and genders of people. I have a pretty big capacity for loving people regardless of whether their flavor would attract me as a friend or not. Now to narrow it down to my personal romantic, emotional and sexual attractions. Why am I more drawn to male to female transgendered persons (ladyboys) and to hermaphrodites than to genetic females?

I trust my attraction to ladyboys

and know as I follow what is true for me and honor of the essence of who I am, my life will be benefited.

(For the term ladyboy, feel free to substitute transwomen or whatever term is your personal preference. I am using ladyboy as that was the term used in the original question).

I can share some of the reasons I am more attracted to ladyboys but that does not make them better or worse.

Most of the ladyboys I know have a strength of spirit and courage that I admire. I love that that have been true to themselves and live as women even in a world full of prejudice against them. We could all learn from them to be true to who we are whether others like it or not.

Ha Risoo
Ha Ri-Soo, South Korean pop singer, model, and actress. Assigned male at birth, Harisu identified as female from early childhood, and underwent sex reassignment surgery.

Typically because of challenges that ladyboys have had to go through in their transformation to women, they tend to have built strong characters. And they often have a compassion for other people’s struggles because they know from firsthand experience what it is like to struggle. So many ladyboys have big hearts! (Sadly for some ladyboys, the struggles and challenges have turned them bitter instead. But I can certainly understand why that can happen.)

I find that the majority of ladyboys really own, celebrate, and live from their femininity which is super attractive to me. Many genetic women don’t.


Many ladyboys are very skilled sexually

It probably comes from having been born in a male body so they typically know much better about what pleases a man.

Many ladyboys carry a sensual, sexy, aura about them almost all the time.

I am attracted to the combination of all that femininity with a blend of some masculinity mixed in. My personal preference is for ladyboys that are non-op, that enjoy and love to use their penis. (Of course I support any ladyboy in having SRS (sexual reassignment surgery) if that is what is true for them. It would just mean that I would be attracted to them as a friend but not be attracted to them as a partner.)

In my experience ladyboys tend to be much more straight forward when it comes to sexuality. Most do not play the kind of “push/pull” games that many genetic women do.

In my experience most ladyboys tend to embrace their sexuality whereas many genetic women tend to caTransgender Philippinesrry some shame around their sexuality that keeps them repressed or thinking they have to hide it even when they may desire it. This leads to the back and forth games that get played out. My preference is for people to be straightforward about what they do and do not want. In the area of sexuality my experience has been that most ladyboys are straightforward. This is refreshing and adds to them having an attractive personality.

On a more esoteric global consciousness level I appreciate ladyboys for the following

I think more and more ladyboys are being born onto the planet to play an important part in lifting the collective consciousness to a higher, more evolved level. Ladyboys help bust people out of old black and white gender thinking. Too many people are stuck in thinking they have to live a certain way that conforms to societies norms around gender. Ladyboys have the ability by their very presence to bust people out of that stuck way of thinking. Transgenders are teachers that show people that it is okay for each individual to be true to whom they are even if it goes against societal and cultural norms.

I hope that any ladyboy that has taken the time to read through this will be left with a feeling of even more empowerment. Will stand even taller in whom they are. Will know that they are appreciated and loved and in fact needed to be here. Know that when you face and move through struggles that you are doing the ground work for making this world a better place for generations to come. Your courage is admired and appreciated. I am sorry that we still live in a world with much prejudice and that you have had to live through that. Thanks for helping transform prejudice into acceptance. My heart and support goes out to you.


Transgender blogThanks to Kelly Kely, for this post. We found it through his Facebook page and he granted us to share it.


3 thoughts on “Why Are Transgender Better Than Women?”

  1. Thanks for sharing the post.

    I hope it can bring more awareness to those that want/need to understand transgendered people more fully.

    I hope it can bring a bit more peace and a bit more hope for transgendered people around the world, knowing that they are seen and honoured for whom they are.

    Wishing for that day in the future when prejudice becomes an non-issue. And when equality is taken for granted.

    Lets all continue to join in making that happen!

    Kelly 🙂

  2. I agree with your reasons and mainly are my reasons too.
    Personally I prefer o non op ladyboy.
    I also admire the great courage that ladyboys generally have.

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