What to Do When Dating a Transexual Woman and What Not to Do.

Should you behave in a different way when dating a ladyboy? The short answer to this question is; “Of course not you silly boy!” But it’s important to consider a few facts to help you dating a trans woman. Chivalry is never outdated; Open the door for her, pull out her chair, make sure she gets home after a date, … And of course never compare her to any other woman. Nobody likes to feel less than others. She might be a strong independent woman but she will appreciate all these signs of care and respect for her.

We all like to get compliments for our look. Ladyboys are no different! Transgender women put as much effort in looking pretty for you as any girl and they like it when you notice it. Tell her how much you like her dress and how well it looks on her, how charming her smile is and how proud you are to have such a beautiful girl by your side and remember, never say anything negative about her looks or what she’s wearing cause she might ignore the other 10 nice things that you said previously and focus on that comment alone which can make her feel insecure or undervalued.

During a conversation, make sure that you do your best to get to really know her. What are her thoughts and dreams? What are her hobbies? Also the trivial things like what kind of shows does she like to watch on TV or what kind of movies she like? Some people are curious in excess and can’t help but ask about the genitals or have some sort of dirty talk. Let us be very clear about this; Do not do it. At least until after some dates when she feels confident enough with you to go over those subjects. Why? Because when you ask about these you are clearly stating that you have an underlying motive. There is no rush and people tend to feel more relaxed when sensitive matters are approached in a delicate and respectful manner. Be open about yourself and always be yourself. There’s nothing sexier than being someone who feels comfortable in their skin and is not afraid to show it.

But wait there’s more (Nobody said dating was easy!) No matter how well you behave or how charming you are with her throughout the date, if you are not as nice with everyone around you as you are with your date, she’ll realise you are just being nice to her but deep inside you are not actually the good guy you want her to think you are.

Don’t get distracted with other girls while you are with her! Do we need to say this? Actually don’t let any distractions steal your attention from her. Turn the time you spend together into quality time otherwise she’ll have the feeling that you are taking her for granted. Hold her hand, grab her by the waist and kiss her forehead every now and then in public. Show that you are proud of having her. Being distant will make her think there is something wrong with her. Some men are not comfortable with displaying signs of affection in public, if this is your case, consider doing it sometimes even if it’s only to make her feel comfortable. Also who knows? Maybe you like it too!

After you’ve had some dates and you both are happy with how things are flowing, never take her for granted. A relationship means sometimes to ignore some things that you might not like in a person because you see beyond those things and what you see makes you feel special but relationships look more like long-distance running than sprinting and if you start bringing your guard down, soon she’ll feel like you don’t appreciate her anymore and she might start looking for other options.

In general, just be courteous and behave the way you want to be treated. Easy isn’t it? Most of this advice works both ways so if you are a T-Girl remember this applies to you too!


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