Why Are Men Attracted to Ladyboys?

Did you know that ladyboydating.net has been up and running for over 10 years now? Yep, we are proud of being one of the pioneers in the trans girl dating arena worldwide. Also, this means that we know what we talk about when it comes to trans girls and relationships. Some trans women are really not looking for a lifelong commitment and others are. Some are looking for drama (sigh) and others are looking for passion and romance. Pretty much like any other woman! But in the case of the men who love transexual women, most of them seem to have one thing in common. No matter what type of partner they are looking for they all agree that transexual women are particularly fun and smart generally speaking. Why would this be? Are they all blinded by their feelings? We know that’s not the case.

Why are ladyboys so much fun to have around and why do they seem to be smarter than average?

Enough ass-kissing but hey… It’s true! And if you think about it for a minute it makes sense. Transgender people in general aswell as millions of nonbinary people worldwide don’t have it easy when it comes to express their sexuality and their identity freely and fully. Many times they go through hell and sadly we’ve all heard tragic stories from the news or even our loved ones where some are not happy with the other’s life choices and decide to express their frustration aggressively against someone who feels differently, but guess what; Hardship builds character. Some of the funniest people out there come from dysfunctional families, or have dealt with traumatic experiences that have given them a perspective on life that allows them to laugh in the face of adversity, and what is sexier than being able to do such a brave thing? Comedian Carol Burnett once said:“Comedy is tragedy mellowed by time”. Which describes accurately how those who have been through really hard times in life, at some point turn their pain and sorrow into a more uncomplaining and even humorous attitude. Humans can only deal with so much stress and either you let it destroy you or you make something good out of it!

Are we ignoring the fact that many ladyboys are stunning?

Well of course not. Men love to have a beautiful girl by their side. It inspires them to want to better themselves for their sweetheart. Is no secret that ladyboys absolutely LOVE to take care of themselves and one has to be blind to not appreciate how feminine and good looking many of them are.

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